Model: 1102

  Crown balancing ways are unequalled in the field of static balancing for their sensitivity and accuracy in any size work from a few ounces to a thousand pounds. They are sensitive to .009 ounce-inch. Accuracy is guaranteed by the use of precision type ball bearings. Minimum leveling and alignment is necessary to set up when placed on the floor or bench. For maximum accuracy, leveling and alignment should be most accurate. Work is carried on free turning, hardened and ground discs which are mounted pivot-type bearings, allowing balancing to closest accuracy. The principle of rolling friction, combined with two sets of taper edge rollers to support the work, at four points instead of two, combined with precision type ball bearings, increases sensitivity and reduces friction and pressure.


Solid castings give Crown balancing ways extreme rigidity and strength. The end standards supporting the revolving discs are movable on two shafts to accommodate different sizes of work within machine capacity. The unit is easily disassembled and placed in its hinged wooden carrying case for easy transporting to the job. Any Crown balancing way will speed and simplify practically any static balancing operation.

Capacity (Lbs) :               1000
Swing (Diameter):            20"
Maximum Spread:            20"
Overall Height:                 11-1/2"
Minimum Shaft Length:  1-3/4"

Specifications & Parts


Model # Description Price- US. Dollars Packing & Handling Weight
Domestic  Export 
1102  20" Swing Balancing Way w/ hinged wooden carrying case (Cap. 1000 lbs) $1,650.00 $83.00 $133.00 57 lb.




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