Designed with a square end to permit the use of a socket or box wrench to apply torque to straighten damaged teeth in stators; our unique lamination tooth Straightener design gives them superior leverage and strength over any similar tool on the market. The teardrop-shaped blade adds strength and minimizes flexing when using the full length of the tool. 
Machined from steel bar stock and with the fine workmanship that puts Laycock a step above all others, these lamination tooth Straighteners are available in three sizes to fit stator slots up to 150 H.P. and may be purchased as a set or individually.

No motor or armature winding shop should be without a complete set of these tools!



Model # Description Price- US. Dollars Packing & Handling Weight
Domestic  Export 
LA-LTS Lamination Tooth Straighteners - Complete set of 3 (sizes below) $190.00 $10.00 $10.00 1Lbs
LA-LTS-1 1/2"  (12.7 mm) blade height - wrench fitting 3/8" (9.5 mm)  sq $65.00 $10.00 $10.00 1Lbs
LA-LTS-2 5/8"  (15.9 mm) blade height - wrench fitting 1/2" (12.7 mm) sq $75.00 $10.00 $10.00 1Lbs
LA-LTS-3 3/4"  (19 mm) blade height - wrench fitting 1/2" (12.7 mm)  sq $85.00 $10.00 $10.00 1Lbs




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