Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2000

Download Wind'em Ware 5.0 beta demo .zip

* You will need to have internet connection to download nescessary Microsoft run-time libraries.
* You will need to have Winzip to open up .zip files. You can download Winzip at

Wind’em Ware is our software contribution to the winding industry!
You can say goodbye to all of those tedious calculations required for motor redesign and let Wind’em Ware do the job for you.
You will be asked for the necessary information and then Wind’em Ware takes care of the rest for you!

Capabilities include:

  • Bare Core design.
  • Design verification.
  • Motor redesign

    Any combination of changes may be made for:

    • Voltage.
    • Horsepower.
    • Frequency.
    • Poles.
    • Conversion Lap to Concentric.
    • Conversion Concentric to Lap.
    • Conversion Lap to Consequent.
    • Conversion Consequent to Lap.


    • Contains Winding Connection Templates for right and left hand people.
    • Available either on CD or Floppy Disks.
    • Application is supplied with your choice of either a parallel or USB Hardware Key.
    • Compatible with Microsoft® 98/NT/2000/XP.




    Model # Description Price- US. Dollars Packing & Handling Weight
    Domestic  Export 
    LA-SW "Windem" Ware (Software) Flux Density Calculations
    • Flux Con
    • Flux Lap
    • Con Lap
    • Design 3 Phase
    • Design 3 Phase Bare
    $595.00 $10.00 $10.00 1Lbs

    ** Using a parallel Hardware Key may require you to change your interrupt settings.



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