The Fuchs Star works with 230 Volts of direct current and is connected directly to the 230-V net. In the knife head there are three rotary hard metal knives, which shut according to speed, as a result of the centrifugal strength, more or less strongly, mounted.  Infinitely variable regulation allows precise settings of the desired speed on the respective wire strength.





The Abisofix works at low voltage. It is connected to the mains through an infinitely adjustable power pack. These hardened metal blades of the stripper form a funnel. These will close on the wire from the largest to the smallest diameter, as the rotary speed increases. The magnet wire is fed between the blades to the required depth, the Start button is pushed and the stripper slowly drawn away from the wire.



Model # Description Price- US. Dollars Packing & Handling Weight
Domestic  Export 
FUCHS STAR    Cutting machine for cables, strands and hoses. $805.00 $10.00 $10.00 -
ABISOFIX   Wire removal machine $950.00 $10.00 $10.00 -




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